Focused Launch Planning

Focused Launch Planning

Context: The company had a robust launch readiness process in place. It was based on sound principles and was well established and valued. It provided detailed guidance on readiness fundamentals across all areas of launch preparation. However, global brand strategies and expectations on launch preparation were often mis-aligned to the local strategies and expectations. Also, timeliness and focus on key areas that make a difference were not consistently met, and resourcing and capabilities were often not in place at the right time. The process became perceived as a heavy function by function “auditing” approach reflecting a lack of trust in each country’s ability to launch successfully.

Action: AXXELIS led a complete redesign of the process using 3 simple key steps seen below:

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1 - Shape

Define what is needed from regions/countries to shape a global strategy.

2 - Align

Align regions and countries to prioritise pre-launch objectives including key performance indicators, pre-launch investment and implementation plans.

3 - Prepare

Solve the issues that matter, when it matters.

AXXELIS defined 5 key areas as critical for strategy development and launch preparation. Critical issues that are encountered around those areas are the basis for the focused launch preparation:

  1. Patient, Customer and Market Understanding
  2. Strategy and Value proposition
  3. Capabilities and Customer Facing Organisation
  4. Stakeholder Engagement and Real-World Evidence
  5. Commercialisation

AXXELIS developed checklists with key deliverables across functions and key questions to challenge the quality of the deliverables. Alignment on pre-launch objectives by Region was mandatory as a key step to ensure a deep understanding and to manage expectations. Critical issues encountered around those areas and respective deliverables formed the basis of focused launch preparation workshops with countries on a regular basis, starting 24 months prior to the launch.

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  • Focused launch preparation at Global, Regional and Local levels in areas that make a difference at the right time
  • Enhanced, outside-in market understanding by putting the Patient Journey along with the healthcare system at the heart of the dialogue
  • Strengthened shaping and alignment of integrated strategies, co-creation of Global deliverables across functions and geographies
  • Simplified outputs, constructive dialogue and supportive mindset achieved
  • Customer facing roles tailored to the uniqueness of every launch brand and customers/centres needs identified and implemented at the right time
1 - Shape

  • Global Brand Plan and development programme that meets the needs of stakeholders in the countries.
2 - Align

  • Alignment on objectives, key performance indicators agreed, commitment on resource levels.
  • Tailored Regional/Local IPS Checklists drive country planning.
  • Key stakeholder behavioural objectives identified.
3 - Prepare

  • Countries own assessment of launch preparation using the Checklists.
  • First draft of local launch plan available 2 years pre-launch.
  • Launch preparation checkpoints focused on issues that matter, when it matters.
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